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December 2000

- Yoda - dec. 29 & 30-

I'm very sorry but there will be no updates till the year 2001 , but hey , that's soon lol . . .

Happy New Year
- from the xTreme Systems Crew -

- Yoda - dec. 28-



from : YoDa , Wesley , Dirk , Un4GiVeN , Pastoor , Daft , Jelle , Tomasio , The #Biechtstoel & #Routecrew and every 1 i've forgot . . .

- Yoda - dec. 27-

Here's a story on takin' a AMD DURON 750 to 1GHz +.

Voodoo3 vs GeForce: The truth this is something you should read .

A review on the Napa Dav309 CD/MP3/VCD Player

ASUS E612 DVD-ROM looks nice and sweet . . .

- Yoda - dec. 25 & 26-

I guess we all played it so here is the Escape from Monkey Island Review

Here is a ALi MAGiK 1 Chipset/IWill KA266-R Review

Review of the Shuttle AK10 mainboard can't be left out

also check out the Buyer's Guide : High-End Systems at anandtech

and offcourse some

- Yoda - dec. 29 & 30-

for you to see . . .

- Yoda - dec. 23 & 24-

Happy Holidayz to everyone from the xTreme Systems Crew

Due to party weekend, no updates will be posted - thank you for your understanding - the crew -

- Yoda - dec. 22-

This is a review on the 3D Prophet II Ultra

Mushkin PC150 HSDRAM check it out. . .

Here is another review on the Abit VP6 133A-DP , if the first review didn't impress you , this one will ... Woohoo DUAL all the way .

Sorry the gallery updates will be up by tomorrow

- Yoda - dec. 20 & 21-

Here is a good Intel Pentium 4 Overclocking Guide

A nice Logitech WingMan Force 3D Review for al you game lovers

We've had a review on the AOpen AX34 Pro II Socket 370 so here is one on the Soyo 7VMA PM-133 Motherboard

Check this one out : 3DFX Motion Blur In Action!

2Cool PC Plus review keep it Cool

And some Gallery Updates for you . . .

- Yoda - dec. 19-

A cool review on the Rome UP-301 Mp3 Player

G3D Heatsink/Fan Socket A Roundup : Fans , Fans and FANZz . . .

Play games -> Get SOUND : here is a nice review on the Rocco 5.1 Digital Audio System

The Gallery Updates : as promised

- Yoda - dec. 18-

Here is a nice review of the WinFast GeForce2MX DualHead Pro 32MB done by the guyz at hardwarezone

As any seasoned overclocker will tell you, having high quality RAM is a key factor : OCZ RAM Round Up

Here is a link to 3d Artists for all you 3d lovers , one day let's hope i'll be in that gallery

The Gallery Updates is done , it's a small one .

- Yoda - dec. 17-

Here is another an other cooler 2 keep the system cold as ice , The Thermaltake Chrome Orb Cooler

Here is a how 2 overclock Intel : Taking Intel's brand of silicon for a ride.

A review on the AOpen AX34 Pro II Socket 370 Motherboard done by the guys from Target Pc

Sorry but there are no gallery updates today , but stay tuned it won't take LONG . . .

- Yoda - dec. 15-

Here is a review on the Kensington Mouse in a Box Optical done by the guyz @ The adrenalin vault

A tale of two processors: T-Bird vs Duron check it out . . .

For u guyz who have a Dual System here is A review on the Abit VP6

- Yoda - dec. 14-

This is what you need if you want to keep your new P4 running nice and cool! The Card Cooler here you'll find everything you need to keep the system cool .

Since my cpu's are celleron I was looking for some overclocking maximums and i think i've found a nice example of that , here it is : Celleron II 600 @ 1008 , I think that's a nice overclock ... don't u ?

Here is a Nice mouse review at PC insight for all u gamers out there : Razer Boomslang 2000 and I must say : " damn looking good "

And offcourse some Gallery Updates

- Yoda - dec. 13-

Want power for your AMD Socket A Thunderbird? There are TWO fans on The Super Orb , one on the top and one on the bottom. Great performance and a really low price.

Since the release of Pentium 4 a couple of weeks ago, we have seen a large number of different opinions about Intel's new flagship processor. check out Tom's HardWare Guide : Pentium 4 vs. Athlon - Final Recount

It's faster than a GTS, but cheaper than an Ultra. What is NVIDIA's best kept secret? The GeForce2 Pro.

Also we got some New Gallery Updates

- Yoda - dec. 12-

Here are once again New Gallery Updates

Damn had some problems with my cooling fans today but hey NO PROBLEM hehe LOL =)

- Yoda - dec. 11-

First preview shoot of the GodFather's Project X , he's gonna sent me more pictures and a text file and the how ...

And offcourse same as allwayz : Gallery Updates

- Yoda - dec. 9-

Like allways here are some new Gallery Updates

- Yoda - dec. 8-

Feeling very happy because the Movie of the LanParty is allmost ready : but here is the trailer , I would like 2 thank Un4GiVen 4 making this update possible ... ( it's low quality the high res. will be online soon ) just click on the image

Down for now

Also some new Gallery Update are added to the site

- Yoda - dec. 6-

We have 2 new casemods in the Gallery

I've got the first picture of the GodFather Project X , the comp will be in the Project X section soon .

- Yoda - dec. 4-

We've got the Update from " The Raptor " in the gallery , also some new Mod in the Gallery Update

Project X : Ripper is allmost complete , here is yet another update of the system

- Yoda - dec. 2-

A new link : check out our friends at

Project X Godfather is complete , we are still waiting on the pictures ( sorry )

also some cool new Gallery Update

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