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November 2001

- Di@blo - 2001, nov. 22 -

Just did a minor update of our infamous gallery - I am finally putting online the mods that were sent to us a long while ago :) - I still have 45 mods to process.. so check from time to time our gallery updates....

You still can send in new mods @
Don't forget to include your name (nick), a small comment, your email address and your website (If you have a website offcourse :)
Try to include 2 pictures of your casemod, prefferably in jpeg format and maximum size 250(W)x350(H). Filesize should not exceed 20kb... So, happy modding folks!

- Di@blo - 2001, nov. 16 -

Check out our friends @ , they have some very cool things goin' on over there :)

- Di@blo - 2001, nov. 14 -

just got back from a great lanparty this weekend, called "shrimpwars". I saw some cool casemods over there. You might wanna check out the shrimpwars casegallery. *A small warning* : this site is in dutch, but I think the images speak for themselves...

I've been very busy the past few weeks, my computer has watercooling now and you can expect an update of my projectX very soon (I have lots of pics!!!)

I made a thumbnailed version of the case gallery for your pleasure, you can find it here...
I am still seeking for an efficient way to put the whole gallery in a database and make the gallery pages dynamic but this is not so evident since tripod doesn't support php format. This means that I will be moving the site very soon to an other free provider who supports php/mysql. If you guys have good tips on such a provider please contact me here.



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