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-Name :[Riddl@47]
-Comment : AMD Athlon 1000@1100Mhz,ELSA Gladiac32MB DDR,256 MB SDRAM PC133
-Website : none

YoDa : I like it !!! nice window , nice specs





-Name :The case has no name...
-Comment : soon
-Email :
-Website : none

YoDa : Cool mod friend , nice leds etc. keep it up . . .






-Name : BlueBox.
-Comment : After upgrading my main system I found I pretty much had enough parts left over to build myself another
system, so I picked up a cheap Acer case, and the BlueBox is the result.

-Email :
-Website :

YoDa : Aopen , i love it man , nice clean modding





-Name : Coca-Cola ?
-Comment : My case mod, as you see I am a big fan of Coca-Cola. Computer is not the
hottest, but I do have some cool hardware K62 400 15gig 128meg, GF2 64meg SB Live 5.1

-Email :
-Website : none

YoDa : Call Coca-Cola : they should be Happy with a fan like U !!!