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-Name : Afroman
-Comment : Playstation's guts ripped out and stuck into a pc. Modified the front panel to accomodate power and reset switches for the psx hardware. Also you can see the place where I can stick in the controllers and memory cards. Visit my page (cheap mods section) for more details! I'm too artistically challenged to paint anything :(

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-Website : Afrotech

Di@blo : Cool playstation mod, I think you're the first doing this kind of mod...





-Name : Master X :)
-Comment : Here is another case mod from Alien Media! This design is a "splash of neon!" with some funky gold fleck to jazz up the black case!
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Di@blo : What can I say? just awesome!!!!





-Name : BAB
-Comment : Hi,
This mod is done on a generic tower case, insulated for sound and sealed for dust. I added 3 BFFs on separate power cord (2 intake, 1 exhaust), they are industrial strength fans and will take off fingers, so fan guards and filters are required. Lighting is supplied by one blue neon, and the dolphin was cut out with help from Mr. Dremel. MSI k7t Turbo w/ 256m SDRAM, CPU is 1000mhz Athlon T-Bird unlcoc'd and OC'd to 1251mhz, cooled w/Tt Dragon Orb 3 ave backside cpu temp is 35c, case temp is 20c. Geforce 2 GTS Pro 64mb cooled w/BlueOrb and mem heat sinks, OC'd to 250mhz core, 450mhz memory. "She's got DAT, ZIP and SCSI, IDE, CD-ROM and floppy. She's got sound and video with lights that groove. She's as fast as a jet though she'll never move. She must weigh close to a 100 pounds and is louder than snot, but that just means I'm hip and you're not." :-)
Case Modz RULE!

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-Website : None

Di@blo : Fuzzy pictures, but what a great dolphin cutout!!!





-Name : B-Squared
-Comment : My first custom-built PC and case mod. Blue LEDs, green sound-activated VU-Meter light display, and specially mounted frount USB ports. 1.0 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive. More specs and detailed case mod articles on my website.

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Di@blo : I simply love black and u did a nice LED job there bro!