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-Name : Alien media
-Comment : 1 more cases from alienmedia
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Di@blo : Nice cutout, messy inside though :)





-Name : Joey Chan
-Comment : Amazing what a Dremel can do” A simple mod job to an Aopen Hxo8 with Blowholes. Its been completed for quite some time. Its a -Bird 958.52 Mhz cooled by an Super Orb, ASUS A7V (Northbridge cooled by a Blue Orb), 3dfx voodoo 5500 with 64 mb ram, 256MB Ram, SB Live Value, 30 GB IBM Ata 100 With Fan bus, hard drive cooler, Fast Ethernet card, Rounded cable, Pioneer Dvd Player, Hp Cd writeable 10x. Good machine to run dedicated gamez.
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Di@blo : Blue orbs are cool...





-Name : Chris Kniseley
-Comment : Case pics of RATPADZ window mod
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Di@blo : Ratpadz rock, this a [H]ard casemod m8!





-Name : Kokelaar
-Comment : Check out the website for more pics
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Di@blo : nice Quake3 logo and watercooling setup!!