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-Name : deltatech
SPECS: Cooler Master ATC-201-SX Active Convection System Aluminum Case (entire case acts as a heatsink and not for the light of pocket, this baby retails for around $365.00 without the power supply) Case specs can be seen at <> . Power supply, Enermax EG451P-VE (450Watt) Motherboard, Gigabyte 7IXE Processor, AMD Athlon Slot A Classic 1000Mhz Heat sink, Thermaltake Golden Orb w/Artic Silver Compound Memory, 512 Meg Kingston PC-133 cas2, Hard drive #1 Western Digital WD15-3BA 15.3 gig 7200rpm Hard drive #2 Western Digital WD30-7AA 30.7 gig 5400rpm CD-R/W DRIVE HP-7570i DVD Drive, Aopen 1040 Pro (Slot type) Floppy, Sony 1.44 Video, 3DFX VooDoo 5 5500 AGP (which may be a collectors item after what has happened recently,lol) Sound card, Creative "LIVE" Platinum W/ Live Drive. Speakers Creative FPS-2000 Four point surround sound digital, Modem , Creative Modem Blaster Flash56 ISA , NIC D-Link DFE 530 TX+ (this baby is cable trained, lol) Monitor IBM G94 19" 1600x1200res. Keyboard Microsoft Natural Pro W/usb, Mouse Microsoft Internet Explorer Optical also connected to this machine is a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 895Cse Professional usb printer, Canon 630U usb scanner, Microsoft Force Feedback2 Joystick, Microsoft Gamevoice. And all this is running flawlessly on Windows Millinum Full Version (Bill Gates Commeritive Edition)
Sorry about the quality of the pics, but as you can see i spent all my bucks on computer hardware and not a digital camera. My company is Delta Tech Computers and I custom build computers for those who dont have to worry about how much a computer will cost. So far I haven't had the heart to cut this case up by putting in a side window, but that could be an option in the future.
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Di@blo : fuzzy pictures, nice case though





-Name : Diversity X
-Comment : This is my old 486. Experimented on this one just to make sure I could do it right. Basicly use it for a mp3 player. Was thinking of intergrating it with my car stereo. Dont ask me how yet. When and If I do it I'll let ya know.
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Di@blo : I love keyboard paintjobs!!





-Name : |CdK|NeO
-Comment : P3 550E@880mhz 1,8v, 128mb Apacer pc133 and 128mb Mosel pc133 @160mhz cas3. MSI 6337(i815), Hercules 3dProphet GTS 32 mb @ 235/385,SBLive! etc....Home made Voltage controller for FAN's 5/7/12 volts 3 8cm fans 2 in the top sucking out and one in the front sucking in + a Golden Orb Scores: 7325 3dmarks. Cpumark 99 = 81,3 Placed a brake light inside to give it a nice red glow. but i'm replacing it with blue neonlights pretty soon =) hope you guys like it !

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Di@blo : Nice mod bro!!





-Name : FIXITTT (Cooling at its wettest)
-Comment : Hey here is a water cooled p3700 @1018. 256 meg pc 133 ram on a ASUS CUBX MOBO. 32 meg TNT2 vid crd (OC of course) 2 15 gig ata 66 WD drives. Full tower/ w 300 watt PSU. Flame cut window mod, firecracker neon lighting (flashes with sound) External LED temp for CPU and case temp. 21 inch monitor microsoft explorer mouse, logitec cordless keybord, microsoft stratic commander, microsoft gamevoice, microsoft forcefeedback 2, All for my gaming pleasure.
I desined the water cooling system for 1 socket 370, and 1 BX chitset water block. 2 120 volt fans move tons of air.
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Di@blo : Supercool mod man, nice flame cut!!!