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-Name : Frank
-Comment : Here are some pictures of my case, "BlueIce". I think I got a decent color match on the CD/Floppy drives. I went to my local hobby shop and bought some "Model Master" brand enamel paint. I chose the metallic "Pontiac Engine Blue" color. I used a very inexpensive airbrush with ~25% thinner and paint. Total cost for paint, airbrush, and thinner < $20 U.S.. Time on project was less than an hour (not counting 24H drying time for pant) :) LianLi PC60 anodized blue color Enermax "whisper" 350 V 1.33 MHz Athlon 266 FSB Asus 7M266 Motherboard (BiosRev 1004a) 512 MB Crucial PC2100 DDR Ram Plextor 12/10/32 CDRW Toshiba DVD Maxtor 30Gig ATA 100/ Quantum Fireball 20 Gig Soundblaster Live X-Gamer Power Color GeFroce2 GTS Pro 64 MB DDR Linksys 10/100 card Sony HMD-A200 Monitor 17"

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Di@blo : LianLi and blue = cool!!!





-Name : greenwolf
-Comment : My case mod.Just an old boring case laying around. I made a windtunnel with a fan on the front and one at the site, and put in a little round plexi. This had to be a 0$ operation and was just a test for further mods to come. O yeah, there no paint on the case, just naked metal and varnisch! I hope this'll do for your site.
btw, i live in BelGiuM!, so this is a belgian production!

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Di@blo : I love shiny cases!!!





-Name : Grego
-Comment : Got a long way to go on this mod.Started with an Antec SX1240 full tower,2 coats primer,4 black mettallic and 2 clear oat.Added a 250watt PSU on top of the existing 400watt and straight wired it to the homemade baybus then added the lexan windows.
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Di@blo : black is beautyful...





-Name : grossmeister
-Comment : Celeron 633 clocked to 1045MHz
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Di@blo : Man, this case must be LOUD!!