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-Name : The case which has no name
-Comment : Generic case, w PIII 450 @ 600, 256MB PC-133, my first modded case.
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-Website : None

Di@blo : I love nekkid cases...





-Name : Koolvin
-Comment : Evil has a Name.
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-Website :

Di@blo : Kewl man





-Name : Maxime "unbind" Labelle
-Comment : This is the RubberBox. Its a pII400mhz with 128mb SDRAM and a 10.2gig IDE HD. Its in a tool box. Yes, a rubbermaid tool box. It has a BlowHole, a suckhole, many leds and lights inside. More pictures on the site !! Great for lanparty.
-Email :
-Website : Unknown

Di@blo : You take the term "Case" mod to another level!! Very handy piece of work...





-Name : Lola_Doggy
-Comment : Metallic bronze, cutouts hand cut with jigsaw and dremel tool. Plexiglass is blue already, so just a white internal light. I like neat cables.
-Email :
-Website : None

Di@blo : Very "neat" case indeed, nice Quake logo BTW!!!