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-Name : ParkLan
-Comment : Enlight 7237: Bezel and frame were cut to accept a 120mm Sunon Fan with draws 90 cfm on intake. The blow hole was cut to accept an 80mm Sunon fan (exhaust). Interior was painted metallic gold and the outside was sanded, primed, then painted with 7 coats of Boyd's Kandy Purple Pearl (model paint). I've also added Dyna mat to the bottom of the case to deaden the sound of the 120 fan.
Motherboard: VIA 686A KT133
CPU: AMD Duron 700MHz *overclock this weekend :)
Heatsink: Thermaltake Chrome Orb
Video: Voodoo 3 3000 PCI *Overclocked w/fan
CDROM: Creative 52X
Extras: The fan bus I built myself this contols the blow hole fan and one other optional fan.
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Di@blo : You have too much spare time! Anyway, nice work bro





-Name : Raf
-Comment : config, comments on this new casemod at website
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Di@blo : Love the flames !!!





-Name : reags
-Comment : AMD Athlon 1200, Sony 32x10x4 CD RW, Iomega ZIP 100, 1.44" Floppy, Creative 52x CD Rom, Pioneer 16x DVD Rom,
ASUS A7V133 m/b, 2x 128mb Kingmax ram chips (PC133), Creative 3D Blaster Geforce 2 GTS, Creative SB Live! Value,
Super Orb cooling for chip, 10/100 network card. So far I've utilised black textas, acrylic paints, picture varnish and about 4wks worth of time (on and off) to hand paint my case. As you can prolly tell, it's been inspired by MAMBO Graphics Ltd. © I've also rounded off the IDE cables inside & tubed it in clear piping, before sealing it off with black cable ties. I'm hoping to have the right panel done with a window hopefully by the end of this week or soon, along with a blue neon light & maybe more fans (if needed)...yes im kinda low on $$$$ atm heh :|
I was going to paint the CD Roms, etc as well but resisted temptation cos it's still new & under warranty.
It's been a fun project & i wouldnt mind doing it again sometime!
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Di@blo : Nice paintjob!!! kewl...





-Name : Redmax
-Comment : My Girlfriend requested to have a bunny window on the side of her case, when I asked what one she said the playboy one.
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Di@blo : Is there also a bunny inside?? Wait until Hugh Heffner sees this :)