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Cora-D's project X

The project :
the idea was to make a silver gold computer with a big window

, extra cooling and a neon light in it


First we spent some time thinking about the shape of the window , then we put a guiding shape on the case with a black marker .

Okay this is done , now we can start with cutting and drilling of the windowshape .

Tools we've used for this job : a dremmel and drilling tools .



This is the part where we marked the places for the extra blowholes ( size of the extra coolers are : 80mm so the blowholes are drilled at 76,5mm this will give us enough space for the attachment holes )

Now we can start with the cutting and drilling of the blowholes .

Tools we've used for this job : drilling tools .



Now we can start on cleaning and straightening the shape

Once this is done we can start with the top piece of the case .






First we did the same as in the side part of the case : guide shaping , cutting , drilling and cleaning .

This includes : re-shaping some possible errors .

Okay now we can go on with painting Cora-D's case .





The paintjob :

The paint we used is very difficult to spray because it's a silver metallic colour , we first had to paint the case with a white layer .

Once this layer has dried , ( it takes about one hour ) we can go on with the silver layer . As I said this is a difficult colour to spray so two layers won't be enough . We needed to spray four layers to make it shine .





This is everything spraypainted :

You will think : " What is he doing ?! " , and yes I'm using a hairdryer . This is something I normally never do , but i had to use some magic on this one .

Had to make the paint dry very quick because I needed to fix a dark spot on the side piece .





As you can see the paint is dry , so I'm removing some dust that could get on the side before spraying the last two layers of transparant varnishing paint .

That's all concerning the paintjob : pictures of the full painted and modded case are on the way .





This is the HomeMade Fanbox

The "how to" to make a Fanbox is comming soon ...





The computer in action @ the LanParty

this is a side picture of the case

Cora D's project x is almost ready : it only needs a neon light...






Spooky pic....





thanx to :
Bibendum ( Jelle ) : for providing us the drilling tools
The guyz from the garage : for letting us use their machines