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Di@blo'S PROJECT X - Page III

   Wanna know how good this systems performs? : Here are some benchmarks....
   - I tested my system with 2 of the most popular benchmark programs we have at the moment :
SiSoft's Sandra 2001 and MadOnion's 3DMARK 2000. All benchmarks were run at 1133MHz (11*103FSB) with the Geforce GTS at it's standard clockrate (200 MHz core /333 MHz mem). Via's 4-in-1 drivers V1.25 were used. The operating system is windows 98 SE with all the latest patches installed.

Here are the 3DMARK results,the picture below displays the result with DirectX 8.0 installed.


I think that 7367 3DMarks is not a bad score at all, but with DirectX 7 my score was a little bit higher : 7565 3DMarks.

Let's see what results Sisoft Sandra 2001 (compare only with the same version) produced, click on the images for a larger view :
- CPU benchmark

     3136MIPS / 1524MFLOPS : This baby rocks!!!

- Multimedia benchmark

     Again some nice scores...

- Memory benchmark

     Bandwith could be improved with better performing SDRAM's (I have 2 PC133 CAS3 parts for the moment)

- Harddisk benchmark

     SCSI simply rocks!!!

Here ends my project X article...for now, my computer is always under construction and I will update these pages if neccesary in the future.
I hope you had a fun time reading it.


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