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Ripper's project X

The project :

Well to start I got my idea of modding my computer from yoda . We where talking about modding . And I was getting tired of the old look . So I was thinking about spraying the case at first . But then yoda told me what I could do with the case and showed my some pics of modded computers . It was so cool that I wanted to mod my pc to . So I started working on a design . And 2 days later Ifound what I wanted to do with it.


First the keyboard . I took the keyboard apart very carefully, then I degreased it with white spirit . Then I put on a ground layer , let it dry for 1 hour and then I started to paint it black (2 layers) waithing 1 hour between the layers . Once that was done I coverd it with 2 layers of varnish .






Then I started dismanteling the mouse while the keyboard was drying up . Cleaned it with white spirit en gave it a ground layer just like the keyboard . First I taped the mouse buttons in with special tape so they donít got the same color as the rest of the mouse . after the two layers where done I had to let it dry for one hour . So I had time to assemble my keyboard . After one hour I removed the tape and taped in the newly painted pieces of the mouse and started to spraypaint the mouse buttons in black . After those two layers where finished I had to let it dry again for one houre . After that I sprayed on the two layers of varnish and let it dry again : And this is the result .



Then I did the same with the webcame look at it now.








Then came the hard part . I had to make a hole in the side of the case , so I removed the side , and marked what piece had to be removed . So I drawd the shape and took the dremmel to cutt out the section . After the piece was removed I took the stone and cleaned the edges of the side so I couldenít get hurt by it .





This is a shot of 1 of the side - panels : sprayed and cut out







The other side







This is a close up view from the side-panel with plexi window







Full view of the side







This is Ripper and his window Before ( Rip -> Smile lol )







One hole done , one to go =)

makin 2 fanholes in the plexi for nice airflow






Everything installed

Text on the " HOW " is coming up





Okay fangrills are installed , the project is allmost done now =)






This is the Baybus : the complete text file is coming up ...



More 2 come ...