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Client Project X

The Idea is Setup 2 neonlights inside , running leds in the front , watercooling , extra fans , plexiglas and spraypaint the hole case black and with

Okay at the begining there was a problem :

When we setup the fans we won't be able to slide in the sidepanel but no problem if found a sollution for that ...


The redcircles are some kinda hooks

What was my idea ; remove the first 3 hooks ( from left to right ) at the top of the panel leaving the last one unharmed ...

Then make some slips in the side of the frame ...

This is at the right side of the frame

What are we gonna do here : we're gonna cutout the black spot between the crosses leaving 7mm of metal where the sidepanel can hook on ...


The side panel

Here we are marking the spots for the extra fans









Marking the shape of the window

Pre drilling

As you can see the fanholes are drilled allready , now we're making some holes to start the cutout of the shape

Just a tool
Here we are cutting out a tempshape with a very nice tool
As you can see this metalcutter cuts trought the side like a hottknife through butter =)

Reshaping and leveling the shape :

We did this in a couple of times because now the shape is as good as it gets . We leveld al the sides and shapes .

Here it is : The temp result , now on with the painting ( picturs will be online soon )

Topside Fams

Here we've marked 2 fan spots ( i now not very clear sorry )


Thsi is everything togetter for now

What are we gonna do here : A : here will be a fan installed B : here will be some plexi installed so you can see the floppy's upperside .


This is another sideview

Everything fits well now =) on to the spraying and placing the neons , fans and fangrills .


The frontview :

This will be sprayed in black , and the blue part will be sprayed in white

This running led bay will be installed

Running leds

Leftswitch will be the on/off switch for the neons, and the Rightswitch is for the running leds

The workshope
I would like to thank Manuell and John for helping and letting me use the right tools and the space to do this all
Just some outside frame views
Panals to be sprayed
Big blue button will be sprayed white , little one will be black
Other parts that need a paintjob
I'm gonna try to make a fan hole in the front bays , will be tricky but hey we'll try =)