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Client Project X

Page 2

Me and The Godfather ( dude that's setting up the watercooling )

On the road : We're getting some supply's =)



Nuts and bolts , switches , 12volt convertors



Soldering iron , spraycans , fans , fangrills etc



Next to the spraycans are the neons =)

Front BayFan unpainted

Change of plans

I'm not gonna install my running leds , nope : i've made a little switch for the neons ( unpainted )

NeonSwitch and Front bay Fan Sprayed

Front pieces Sprayed

Will look very nice =) , now only thing to spray from the front are the buttons

1 Sidepanel sprayed
Topview : Handlebars , Fanhole and a plexi glass peephole
The neon , very small you think , but it's very cool as u can see in the next picture
Blacklight in full effect
Updates are coming

I know Dodgy pictures but the better ones will be online soon

As you can see the project is comming to an end , last pieces are sprayed , fans are installed , plexi is at place ...

Now the only thing that needs to be done is the connection of the neon and fans to the switch ..

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