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General Guidelines for working with the multi

  • keep dust outt of eyes and lungs by using protective eye wear and a dust mask
  • bits and wheels will break under 2 much preasure , keep a light touch , use sharp , clean accessories and bits
  • secure objects 2 a stable surface during work , this will prevent injury as well as unnecessary gouging or damaging of the object
  • when using cutters : Metals require slower speeds than hardwoods , Plastic require very slow speed because they tend to melt at the contact point , If chattering occurs increase speed
  • when using polishing accessories use slow speed
  • when using grinding stones use slow speeds
  • when using wire or bristle brushes never exceed 15.000rpm : Use the nr.1 or nr.2 setting on the variable speed tool
  • when using cut-off wheels use high speeds and hold the MULTI with both hands

Let speed do the work

  • gently guide the tool . do not force the multi to do it's job
  • move the multi from left 2 right with a series of painting motions

Use smooth , light strokes

  • if the multi's speed decreases significantly or if a tool begins 2 overheat u r probably using 2 much preasure
  • dull or dirty bits will decrease the productivity , when more preasure is needed , cleaning or replacement of a bit may be necessary

Tips for using the Dremel bits

3.2mm Shank High Speed Cutters

  • can be used for shaping and hollowing most metals , plastics and wood
  • cutting is done with the side of the cutter , the point on top cuts poorly and chatters
  • when used on wood the cutter tends 2 hollow grain
  • NO.100-NO.144 cutters remove material rapidly
  • NO.197-NO.199 cuuters r used 2 make smal slits


3.2mm Shank Aluninum Grinding Stons ( red/brown )

  • use for metals , castings , welded points , rivets and rust
  • these r truly small grinding wheels
  • use the dressing stone for cleaning the surface of your grinding stone
  • dressing stones can be used for making a grinding stone with the perfect shape for the job


3.2mm Shank Aluminum Oxide Abrasive wheels

  • use for remove paint , deburr metal , polish stainless steel and other metals
  • Availble in fine and medium grits


3.2mm Shank Structured Tooth Tungsten Carbide Cutters

  • fast cutting , needle-sharp teeth for greater material removal with minimun loading , use for fiberglass , wood , plastic , epoxy and rubber


3.2mm Shank Tungsten Carbide Cutters

  • these cutters r ideal for working on metals , ceramics , glass , soft stones ans plastics
  • do not use theese cutters for drilling holes


3.2mm Shank Sanding Accesories

  • sanding bands r indeal for shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass
  • start your work with the coarse bands or disks and finish with the finer grits
  • your sanding will be most effective when you use a very light touch


3.2mm Shank Silicon Carbide Grinding Stones ( blue/green )

  • use as u would an aluminum oxide stone but theese stones r designed to work well on hard materials such as stone , glass , ceramics and harded metals


Polishing Accessories

  • use 2 polish most metals and plastics
  • polish wheel no.425 is impregnated with fine emery , just install it on a mandrel and put it to work
  • when polishing precious metals such as gold and silver use the felt accessories and the no.421 polishing compound wit az very light touch
  • rubber polishing wheels and points are designed to make polished surfaces smooth , to remove swirl marks they may leave , finish the area with the cloth polishing wheel


3.2mm Shank Chain Saw Sharping Grinding Wheels

  • precision around for quick , easy sharping of chain saw blades


3.2mm Shank Wire and Bristle Brushes

  • small versatile steel brushes effeciently remove rust and corrosion , and polish metal surfaces
  • do not use wire brushes at greater speeds then 15.000rpm
  • avoid cleaning soft metals with wire brushes , instead use bristle brushes and the polish compound
  • use bristle brushes for cleaning and polishing silverware , jewelry and metal surfaces

Cut-Off Wheels

  • cut-off wheels can make it easy 2 cut or slot bolts , screws , sheet metal , thin wood and plastic
  • the cut-off wheel cuts only along its edge , use gentle pressure and hold the multi with both hands to maintain alignment
  • the cut-off wheels are brittle , do not attempt to sand or cut curved holes with them


3.2mm Shank High Speed Router Bits

  • these bits are used for routing , inlaying and mortising in wood and other soft materials
  • to be used in conjuction with the Dremel no.230 Router attachment and no.231 Shaper/Router table
  • made of high speed steel



  • mandrels r shanks with a threated or srew head , these r used with polishing accessories , cutting wheels , sanding discs and polishing points


2.4mm Shank Diamond Wheel Points

  • excellent for fine detail work on wood , jade , ceramics , glass , hardened steel and other hard materials
  • bits r covered with diamond particles



  • Dremel has 4 collet sizes to provide u the optimal grip for all of the bits offered for the Multi
  • Dremel collets and accessory shanks come in 0.8mm , 1.6mm , 2.4mm , 3.2mm


2.4mm Shank Small Engraving Cuttors

  • this group has a wide variety of sizes and shapes and r made for intricate work on ceramics (greenware) , wood carvings , jewelry and soft metals , they often r used in making complicated printed circuit boards
  • they should not be used on steel and other very hard materials but are Excellent on wood , plastic and soft metals


Attachments make the Multi even more versatile

  • A :The Dremel Flex Shaft allows fingertip control for polishing and carving , sanding , engraving and more , excellent for hard to reech places
  • B : The Dremel Flex Shft Tool Holder conveniently suspents Flex shaft tool above workbench
  • C : Drill Press Attachment easely converts any multi into a table top drill press
  • D : Router Attachment is ideal for edging , shaping , grooving and freehand routing
  • E : The Shaper/Rouger Table converts any multi in2 a light duty precision bench mounted , wood shaper
  • F : Chain Saw Sharping Attachment contains everything necessary to sharpen most saw chains

Okay this is my opion on the Dremel Tool :

  • The Pro's :
  • It's a very handy tool for doing Casemods
  • it's very light 2 use
  • the list of accesoirs is endless
  • The Con's :
  • the accesoirs r a bit expensive ( but hey it's all part of the Modding right )

for more info on Dremel surf 2 :


Review done by : YoDa